We all have to wash and take care of our clothes. Our clothes are a significant part of our daily life. People make an impression by the outfit they wear. In today’s world where first impression plays a very key role in our development, it is necessary that we maintain our self image and dress accordingly. The first step towards a better self image is through clean and well ironed clothes. It is absolutely vital that we take care in washing, drying and ironing our clothes.

In today’s world with our hectic and busy lifestyle, we might often not find time to wash our clothes. Thus each day your laundry bag gets bigger and bigger with heaps of dirty unwashed clothes. Dirty clothes may spread diseases and infection in your house. Thus it poses a significant health risk apart from looking messy and unclean. Even if you do get time to wash your clothes, your clothes might not dry easily and quickly for the occasion you wanted them ready for. Also washed and dried clothes tend to have a lot of wrinkles. Thus they should be properly ironed and folded. This helps to achieve a smoother and fresher appearance. All these processes can be cumbersome and time consuming.

Doing laundry is one of the biggest house chores in our lives. While some people may find the process of washing clothes, hanging them to dry and folding them to be therapeutic, most people view it as one of the most annoying domestic chores.

For those who want to outsource this work to save time for other activities, there are plenty of commercial laundry services that offer to wash and fold your dirty clothes for you. Many people assumed that using these cleaning and laundry services cost much more than doing it on their own. That might not be true. You need to ask yourselves some serious questions, to attempt to quantify the true cost of doing laundry at home. This will help people make a more conscious decision with their money.
The True Cost of DIY Laundry
According to some calculation, an average laundry load of one kg would cost about one dollar to wash at home. This largely consists of the cost of water, electricity, detergent and the depreciation of the washing machine. But is this amount accurate? Is that the only cost?
The most costly factor should be your time and effort. If we were to account for the cost of human labor going into loading and unloading the machine, hanging the clothes to dry and ultimately folding or ironing them (probably couple of hours), the cost of DIY laundry will be much higher. So the real question is this - how much is your time worth?
Assessing Value of Using Laundry Services
Given the analysis above, a person might only be incurring some extra dollars to compensate someone else for taking care of their dirty laundry instead of doing it on their own.
While the cost difference may be high in some cases, and may be negligible in others, spending some extra dollars when you are extremely tired or busy could very well be a good economic decision, especially when you are running out of certain articles of clothing you really need (socks and underwear anyone?).
Also, there is another way of looking at this cost comparison. What if you were not to buy a laundry machine at all and always rely on a third-party to wash your clothes? Property sizes are getting increasingly smaller as prices are getting higher. Together with the rising price of water and electricity, this might make sense.
What to look for in a good laundry service
There are several things to look out for in a good laundry service.
You should definitely check out their reviews and customer responses that they have received. You need to have them reliable. You should also make sure that they are well acquainted with the machines required for your laundry. 
Price is another important factor. If there are several laundry services in your area, you should make sure that you have the price list from all of them and compare each to the other.
There are also present a lot of different types of laundry services. There are agencies which cater strictly to hotels and restaurants. There are those that only offer dry cleaning services. There are specialised services for hospitals and industry laundry. There are also services which cater to the laundry of biohazard wastes. There are those who offer express laundry service. Thus you should choose the type of service you want carefully.
Laundry services can definitely help to make your lifestyle easier and simpler. Investing in a good laundry service provider goes a long way in taking care of you and your family’s health. It is important that you research well before you get these services. A good laundry service provider can be a luxury not many people can get.